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The right attitude makes an effective sales person as well as a good deal of training. That is why Reburg & Partners emphasize on practical continuous training and development of sales people. We investigate the business, analyse the training requirements and adapt the training programme to suit your specific needs.

Our training offer

The foundation of hotel sales
Basic sales skills programme


Trainer: Brigitte T. Gruber, MBA

This training establishes a solid foundation. It provides the basis for successful selling in the hotel industry. The trainees are instructed in the basics in order to be able to engage positively in future strategic sales projects.


The key points:


Product knowledge: My hotel and how it works.

Customer knowledge: Understanding your market.

Selling with structure: Preparation is half the rent.

Real-time selling: Sales calls that work.

Basic revenue management insight.

Sales skills training
Planest Sales


Trainers: Brigitte T. Gruber, MBA

In this course young sales talents discover their sales personality and develop it further. They will understand at the end of the training that competent selling is about understanding your customer’s needs and providing a great solution. The aim is to have a continuing and mutually profitable relationship between the hotel and their customers.


The key points:

Developing the sales personality

No fear for the “No“

Target setting, smart planning, and celebrating success

The goal is to create win-win situations.

Keeping, looking after, and building up customer relationships

Understanding revenue management methods and strategies

Powerful first impressions

inspiring site inspections


Trainer: Brigitte T. Gruber, MBA

We all know you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. We take a walk through the hotel and learn what really distinguishes you from your competitors. 


The key points:


Product knowledge: My hotel and how it works.

Be prepared and ready for success.

Let the spark of enthusiasm light up your sales.

Catch the MICE-business
Performing for the occasion – selling events successfully


Trainer: Brigitte T. Gruber, MBA

This programme is dedicated to sales and event professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of revenue management methods.


The key points:

Who buys events and why?

How to sell the right event at the right price at the right time.

Point of Sales

Site inspections with strategic planning and implementation

Professional Telephone Sales 
The hotline to the customer


Trainer: Brigitte T. Gruber, MBA, Martin Gahn

This training instructs your employees how to manage a professional sales conversation over the telephone.


The key points:

How to prepare for an appointment

Selling over the telephone

Cold calling – the guidelines

BBGB – Bringing back great business

Basic Reservation Training
Planet Reservation


Trainer: Brigitte T. Gruber, MBA, Martin Gahn

This seminar offers an overview of the various sales opportunities within the reservations department.


The key points:

Winning the customer

Facilities, equipment and extras

Up-selling strategies

How to manage a good sales meeting

Intercultural Management 
Doing business worldwide


Trainer: Brigitte T. Gruber, MBA

This intercultural training programme explores the different protocols and behaviour in the countries of your key customers.


The key points:

Understanding differences between your culture and other cultures

Differences on how business relationships develop and flourish

Intercultural communication how to read situations and win trust

Advice on doing business across global markets

Sales Leadership Training
Peak Performance Leadership Workshop


Trainer: Brigitte T. Gruber, MBA

This workshop is about your professional identity. How do you want to be perceived by other people? What do you stand for? Personality and authenticity are after all key factors on the way to the top and can make great leaders.


The key points:

Develop your Personal Brand

Realizing your potential

Time management excellence

SMART leadership

Managing expectations

Brand positioning and marketing strategy 
Workshop The DNA of your hotel


Trainer: Brigitte T. Gruber

This workshop is about knowing your hotel’s blueprint, its identity. Filtering out what makes it special. Which values make your hotel strong and unique? Creating an un-mistakable brand for which there is no substitute. Following an intensive analysis with your team we work out an authentic story about your business that will act as an internal and external communication source. Not only will you be relating more strongly to your hotel, a story is also imperative for brand development in the digital media. 

Workshop ”The Guest Journey“

The initial thinking behind this workshop is the guest’s journey to your hotel leading over different terrain including potentially some detours. Let’s go on this trail and you will start to understand better the needs of your guest. We will follow the guest’s journey and develop or re-develop existing practices, and based on the results we create standards and operating procedures (SOP).

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Contact: Brigitte T. Gruber, MBA (Training & Consulting)

Motivated and goal-oriented employees bring your company value-added growth in competitive markets.



Trainer: Martin Gahn

Driving revenue through digital and social media

Using digital media to your advantage.


Trainer: Martin Gahn

A flexible, customer friendly, demand based pricing structure is key for the realization of a professional revenue optimization strategy. Attendees will learn how to sell the different room categories and rates and how they positively influence hotel occupancy and revenues.


The key points:

Creating smart room categories

Fulfilling guest expectations

Seamless interface opportunities into your PMS

Optimizing sales distribution costs and increasing direct sales  

Methods and basics of professional revenue management

Which systems work best for my hotel? What are the costs? Bottom line profits? Aside from those questions, we will also listen carefully to your concerns to provide you an overview of the online jungle out there.


The key points:

How do I choose the right distribution channel for my property

Define your target audience

Calculating profits

Practical tips

Fantastic Figures
How to interpret key figures correctly


Trainer: Alexandra Federer

In this course the participants will learn the most important key figures, their interpretation and meaning for managing a hotel. Key figures are not about control but about understanding the business so that the right measures can be taken.


The key points:

Calculation, meaning and interpretation of key figures

Case study with own or fictitious figures

Role-playing game

Brainstorming for key figures in your hotel

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