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QSC – Close to your customer 


Quality Standard Calls are specifically designed for the hotel industry. In the age of electronic travel agency bookings, reservations that are directly handled by the hotel have never been as important as they are today. You and your hotel have the unique opportunity to win satisfied and happy guests through customer oriented advice and support on the phone.


What’s the value of QSC?

Strengths and weaknesses of the conversation are highlighted.

In all parts of the telephone conversation basic rules of correct expression and behaviour on the phone are shown. The ultimate goal is to give the guest an image of your establishment.

Verifying and assuring the service standards.

Optimising the sales including up-selling methods.

Identifying and offering guests need.


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Workshop ”The Guest Journey“


The initial thinking behind this workshop is the guest’s journey to your hotel leading over different terrain including potentially some detours. Let’s go on this trail and you will start to understand better the needs of your guest. We will follow the guest’s journey and develop or re-develop existing practices, and based on the results we create standards and operating procedures (SOP).


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Sales Controlling


Is your result already at an acceptable level or is there room for improvement?
What do the customers say about our service?
Was everything done in order to achieve the best result?
Are there further strategies to reduce the cost of commissions?
Are we planning the results for the upcoming months efficiently and realistically?


Plan versus forecast


Competitor analysis

Customer feedback 

Strategy and planning for the upcoming months

Cost control


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