Reburg & Partners stands for consulting and implementation in sales and marketing as well as revenue strategies for hotels

Close co-operation brings the best results. That is why the new strategy for your hotel is developed with you. After a deep analysis we take you from where you are and develop a plan that matches your needs.

Our priority is to develop sustainable and practical solutions for you, whereupon “getting it done” takes the front seat. Our customers do not just get a concept left for them to deal with alone, we support you by putting the concept into action and reaching well defined targets. This will lead to loyal customers and more turnover, hence increased revenues and bottom line profits.


At Reburg & Partners it is our policy that your project is our project. We value our customers and identify ourselves with your targets. Together we will enjoy and celebrate success.

Your Roadmap to Success




Analysis and audit

Working out opportunities and risks

Workshop on strategic positioning "The DNA of your hotel"


Whoever does not understand the past is unable to shape the future. During an intensive analysis we identify opportunities and risks together. In a positioning workshop your brand will be strengthened, developed further or newly defined. This is a requirement upon which the right measures are taken in order to increase turnover and profitability as well as winning happy customers.


”The DNA of your hotel“


This workshop is about knowing your hotel’s blueprint, its identity. Filtering out what makes it special. Which values make your hotel strong and unique? Creating an un-mistakable brand for which there is no substitute. Following an intensive analysis with your team we work out an authentic story about your business that will act as an internal and external communication source. Not only will you be relating more strongly to your hotel, a story is also imperative for brand development over digital media. 


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Building up your sales and marketing department

Organisational chart, job description and interface co-operation

Workshop “The Guest Journey”

Pricing, revenue, and sales strategy

Revenue proposal and action plan 


On the basis of your positioning we develop strategies to increase turnover.


Your hotel obtains the best Sales & Marketing department


Reburg & Partners bring structure to your sales & marketing department. We work out job descriptions and bonus systems, prepare budgets, and take the appropriate action plan in order to reach the agreed targets.

Workshop ”The Guest Journey“


The initial thinking behind this workshop is the guest’s journey to your hotel leading over different terrain with even some detours. Let’s go on this trail and you will start to understand better the needs of your guest. At the workshop we set out together and you become more confident dealing with these challenges. We will follow the guest’s journey and develop or re-develop existing practices, and based on the results we create a content and social media plan as well as standards and operating procedures (SOP).


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”Hands on“ sales revenue management

Online content, social media and reputation management

On the job-Coaching

Real selling – understanding sales as a full time job


Tackling something new means a large personal investment. That is why close teamwork is required to implement change in the business of the hotel. Reburg & Partners have developed a programme that will accompany your sales crew through this process.

Revenue Management


A solid strategy for profit is based on interlinking factors in the following areas: Flexible pricing, targeted online distribution and marketing, adept handling of distribution partners as well as successful co-ordination of all sales channels. Regular publication of forecasting based upon past results, unconstrained, and anticipated demand. Last but not least is the first contact a guest makes with a hotel. Professional telephone reservations and an attractive website are also areas of critical importance that cannot be stressed enough.



On the job-Coaching


The long-term success of a hotel not least depends on the motivation of the sales team. After we work out the sales strategy we support you with the implementation, controlling and we engage where our support and know-how are needed. Always delivering consistent results in the effort to maintain lasting and profitable customer relationships.


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QSC Quality Standard Calls

Sales Controlling

Performance Review


Standards should be kept. – In order to maintain standards and to monitor their correct application on a regular basis, regular quality checks are carried out. Reburg & Partners monitor the procedures and carry out comparisons that include any variations and their root causes. On this basis we take the necessary corrective measures where appropriate.




Are you interested to receive an individually tailored concept strategy for your business together with an implementation roadmap? Please contact us.
We are looking forward to meeting you.


Contact: Brigitte T. Gruber, MBA

Together we discover the potential within your organisation. We structure, organise and professionalise your business operation with innovative and effective methods.

You want to optimise your net profit result?

You want to differentiate yourself from your competition and gain market share?

You want to measure your business operations properly?

You are opening a hotel and are looking for competent support to build up your sales organisation?

QSC – Close to your customer


Quality Standard Calls are specifically designed for the hotel industry. In the age of electronic travel agency bookings that are directly handled by the hotel have never been more important as they are today. You and your hotel have the unique opportunity to win satisfied and happy guests through helpful customer advice and knowledgeable support on the phone.


What’s the value of QSC?

Strengths and weaknesses of the telephone conversation are highlighted.

In all parts of the telephone conversation basic rules of correct expression and behaviour are noted. The ultimate goal is to give the guest an image of your establishment.

Verifying and assuring the service standards. 

Optimising sales including up-selling methods.

Identifying and offering additional services according to the guest’s needs.



Sales Controlling


Are your results already at an acceptable optimum level or is there room for improvement?
How do the customers feel about the service we provide?
Was everything done in order to achieve the best results?
Are there strategies in place to reduce the cost of commissions?
Are we planning the results for the upcoming months efficiently and realistically?


Plan versus forecast


Competitor analysis 

Customer feedback

Strategy and planning for the upcoming months

Cost control


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